BigCommerce Merchant Financing Solutions.

Merchant Financing Solutions

As commitment to merchants continued success and growth, BigCommerce pleased to announce the addition of financing options within the BigCommerce control panel for US merchants.

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All organizations, from established Enterprise level firms looking for more working cash to small startups in need of a business loan for an initial funding infusion, depend heavily on financing. The following are the top causes for which companies request financing:

  • Working capital — One important measure of a company’s financial health is its working capital. Businesses benefit from having a buffer to deal with unforeseen expenses, the capacity to launch expansion initiatives, the adaptability to bridge the time between supplier payments and customer orders, and the assurance that essential costs will be covered during sluggish business times.
  • Asset purchases — To sustain normal business operations, many organizations frequently buy commercial assets like machinery, cars, more office space, and furnishings and computer equipment. Many businesses frequently request for credit to pay these purchases instead of using operating capital.
  • Starting a business — Starting capital is sometimes required by new enterprises in order to get off the ground swiftly and comfortably. Businesses can recruit staff, start marketing campaigns, pay for overhead, and more using the money they receive from financing.
  • Growth funding — Additional capital is frequently needed when a company decides to expand in order to launch initiatives like expanding internationally, adding more employees, expanding into other locations, running marketing and advertising campaigns, and broadening their offering of goods and services.

By adding financing choices straight to your BigCommerce control panel, you can quickly find out more about each one and submit an application for the finance plan that most closely matches your company’s requirements.


  • Your store must be located in the US.
  • Only the Store Owner can apply for financing.

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Applying for Financing

As soon as you determine that you require financing, you can use your control panel to get further information and start the application process. PayPal is one of the suggested solutions under the Financing area, along with a number of other financing app possibilities.


PayPal Financing provides working capital or a business loan. Click the Learn More button next to the loan you’re interested in to find out more and apply for a PayPal loan.

PayPal Working Capital and PayPal Business Loan are provided by PayPal Financing. Click the “Learn More” button next to the loan you’re interested in to get more information and to apply for one through PayPal.


There are several other financing solutions available via the App Marketplace, such as Wayflyer, Sellersfunding, and Uncapped.

Click the “Learn more” button next to the financing option you’re interested in to find out more about these financing apps.

You can download the app to apply for a loan or get in touch with the partner for further information by clicking on the link, which will take you to the relevant App Marketplace page.